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Our Story

"To me, clothing is a form of self-expression - there
are hints about who you are in what you wear."
- Marc Jacobs

RIGO is a young fashion label for the fast moving easy going generation. We help you define your style in this world of fast changing trends and fads. RIGO is all about Fit, Design and Comfort. So go for a casual outing with the gang or party like a superstar, just go out in style! Cause life is just too short to dress poorly ;)
#FoMO : Fear of Missing Out

With new trends turning up every other day you fear on missing out. But not every fad is for you and your sense of style. At RIGO we study these trends intently and curate designs which resonate with your style. New products are added every few days to our catalog so you have something exciting to look for.
One cannot put a price on looking good but even if they did, you don’t need break bank to afford it. RIGO offers premium fashion at an affordable price point. How we do it? Right sourcing, lean business model and going direct to consumer through online retail. So we don’t need to cut any corners when it comes to your comfort.
'The difference between style and fashion is quality.' - Giorgio Armani

Young designs with 25 years of quality garment manufacturing experience is the secret behind RIGO. Our in house team of experts ensure each piece we ship out matches the high standards of quality control we have. With made to order fabrics, high quality material and experienced craftsmen we deliver perfection to your doorstep.

#RIGO is proudly Designed and Made in India