5 Ways to Master the New Trend : Minimalism

5 Ways to Master the New Trend : Minimalism

5 Ways to Master the New Trend : Minimalism

Minimalism is all about keeping things simple yet stylish, while making your clothing work for a range of occasions, epitomizing “less is more” in its own subtle way.

Layering and experimenting with colors and prints may be a great way to play up your look but If you prefer you fashion statement to be stylish yet understated, Minimalism is the perfect antidote to pattern clashing and in-your prints and pop colors that have been popular in past seasons.

This urban yet no frills approach to dressing may appear aesthetically simple but has its own classy appeal. You can imbibe this trend easily without having to put much thought into it, check these 5 points below that we have listed to help you master this trend: -

















 >> If you are starting out with the minimalist trend then try putting together a capsule wardrobe which includes pieces that all work together and give you an option to create a variety of outfits, certain items like a crisp white shirt, well fitted jeans, t-shirts and a classic black dress are all capsule wardrobe pieces.

>> Neutral colours are key to pulling off the minimalistic trend. This means white, black, beige, grey and navy in various shades. You can wear them as sweaters, trousers, shirts and jackets.

>> Try and contain your outfit to a defined color palette, Monochrome palette is always in vogue every year as it is a great way to create streamlined minimalist looks.

>> Minimalistic trend need not necessarily be boring, you can still create exciting outfits by choosing outfits with interesting shapes and silhouettes. Look specifically for clothes with clean lines, structured shapes and tailored finishing.

>> Avoid going overboard and piling on layers as minimalism is all about fuss-free streamlined outfits. Stick to outfit ideas that feature a single clothing item like:- a dress, a jumpsuit, separates or a matching twin set and as for outwear a single coat or a jacket that goes best with rest of your outfit should be enough.

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