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SIMPLY EARTH 100% Organic Handmade Nourishing Vitamin Body Smoothie Lotion for Men/Women | Eco-Friendly Packaging(100Gm)…

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Pamper you skin daily with our Multipurpose Nourishing Vitamin Enriched Face & Body Smoothie to get a velvety smooth, glowing skin. Enriched with non-comedogenic oils like Carrot seed oil, Argon Oil and Avocado oil, this lightweight lotion rapidly absorbs into the skin, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated without a greasy feeling.

Ingredients: Aargan oil, Avocado oil, Carrot seed oil, Sesame oil, Aqua, E-wax, Stearic, Cetyl Alcohol, PEG

Having the extra advantage of excellent and large coverage only a pea sized drop is enough for your face, making this lotion last for a very long time and giving you your money's worth. It deeply hydrates the skin, replenishing the moisture your skin loses due to various reasons such as dry weather condition, exposure to intense sunlight etc. and helps protecting the skin from free radicals and oxidants that damage the skins natural collagen.

100% Natural 100% Chemical Free product hand blended by home grown businesses in small batches with 100% Love & care. Feel good about using a plastic free product which as good for the environment as it is for you!